Credit Underwriting when Plaid isn't an option

tylersmithson Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Hello! I know one key feature of Expensify's operations is low overhead, including the need to hire underwriters for credit, hence why they utilize to integrate customer bank accounts to create the dynamic Company Limit; however, for organizations such as mine, with banking platforms that do not allow Plaid integration, such as Bank of America's CashPro and any Apiture program, we are stuck with the $30,000 standard limit. I have another 100 users I'd love to enroll in Expensify, but am unable to do so because I cannot (1) integrate our business bank accounts with Plaid to obtain a dynamic limit, and (2) cannot get anyone at Expensify to underwrite our company credit or identify an alternative method of confirming deposit balances.

If anyone at Expensify knows how to remedy the above issues, I'd love to engage with them one-on-one.