Customizing expense level detail to require business/non-business partners ~ Attendees

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Is there a way to customize the screen where the employee identifies and categorizes the expense? For meals I need them to list who was in attendance and whether or not they are employees or business partners.


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    I think the best way to do this would be to utilize the comments section under categories.
    If you go to the policy as an admin, and go to categories, you'll see a cog wheel button to the very right of the category name. You can customize the comment hint to say something specific like: List all attendees and whether they are employees or business partners (etc).

    You can make comments a requirement by going to the domain rules under admin, and groups, and then making sure the 'strictly enforce policy rules' is checked for your default group of employees.

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    Hi @lkbcaldwell, I just wanted to drop by with an update on tracking attendees at the expense level, which we've just released.

    You can find our post on the feature here, and our help page on it here!

    I hope this helps.

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