How-to: Work with your Partner Manager in Expensify Chat

Peter Barker
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How-to: Work with your Partner Manager in Expensify Chat

Welcome to Expensify Chat! This guide discusses best practices for using this product for prioritized support with your partner manager. Expensify Chat is a beta product; it is still in development and needs your feedback to help make it the best product to support you, your firm, and your clients. Using a Chat platform for partner management is a new way to communicate with your Expensify PM, so we outlined some best practices below to get the most out of the experience.

How do I access this product?

By now, you should have received an email invite to Expensify Chat. The email will contain  directions for downloading the app and signing in. You will use your existing Expensify username and password to access Expensify Chat; you do not need to create a new account.

We recommend you download the desktop app for use as this is where we focus our development. 

How often should I be using Expensify Chat?

Think of Expensify Chat replacing email in that you have a direct line to your partner manager. The benefit of chat is that you don't have the lengthy delays associated with email. It's more like Slack or Whatsapping your partner manager directly. 

When should I use Expensify Chat, Concierge, or Guides?

Expensify Chat is suitable for more detailed and technical support and it is also where you can engage your partner manager on more strategic aspects of the partnership. It is a place to provide feedback on the product, schedule calls and also generally plan upcoming initiatives.

Concierge is great for quick response to questions. A few examples include missing expenses, connection errors, log in issues, updating coding or approval workflows. You should advise your clients to reach out to Concierge as the first point of contact as most of their questions will be answered easily there.

Guides are our 24/7 call center and they can handle everything from demonstrations, implementations, configurations and general troubleshooting. They are not technical support. 

How long do I expect for replies from our partner manager?

Partners managers aim to get back to your message within a 24 hour time frame. If you have a complex question that requires investigation, the partner manager will acknowledge your message and provide guidance on the amount of time needed to investigate the issue for you. 

What is good chat etiquette?

Expensify Chat is similar to an open plan office, only virtual. With this concept in mind, anytime you have a question, just call it out in the room - either the PM, or someone else on your team might know the answer. It's a collaborative space, not a room where only the PM can answer questions. The other side to this approach is, if you don't have a question but want to have a social chat with a colleague / PM, spin up a direct message in the product or schedule a call to catch up.