Reporter doesn't generate older PDFs.

loremipsum Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hi. I am using the API to generate PDF reports. I am able to generate reports created after 2019. If I try to generate older ones the API returns the error message.

{"responseMessage":"Could not generate PDF","responseCode":500}

Is possible to get more details about the problem? Is this some API limitation?

This is the URL I am using to generate the reports:{

	"type": "file",

	"credentials": {

		"partnerUserID": "***",

		"partnerUserSecret": "***"


	"onReceive": {

		"immediateResponse": [




	"inputSettings": {

		"type": "combinedReportData","filters":{"startDate":"2018-12-01","endDate":"2018-12-31"}


	"outputSettings": {

		"fileExtension": "pdf",

		"includeFullPageReceiptsPdf": true