Why does QBD sync fail so often? And what alternative (small business accounting software) exist?

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Expensify is a key piece of our workflow. We depend on it to track 1,000s of receipts, sometimes for just one project, and use it to keep track of what has been billed and where in the event a client asks for proof.

We are stuck with quickbooks desktop for now because:

  1. cost of switching
  2. job profitability report (detail, by list item NOT GL account)


A) continued abandonment of QBD by Intuit

B) poor track record for software development at Intuit

C) continued difficulty integrating with QBD by Expensify

Are there other accounting packages that have really reliable links with Expensify, robust track records of high quality development and staying power in the market?

We've considered Dynamics and Sage, but cost is high and don't like the strict requirements to not edit entries once made (especially with exporting all these little receipts that are coded to specific items).

Anyone else in construction or similar industries using Expensify? Have an accounting suite they like?

Concierge: I know I have an open issue here and have the https://status.expensify.com/ to check on it... this is not that.



  • RM17
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    I can tell you from a recent implementation that you would really only want to use Sage Intacct if you have a need for greater segmentation and more sophisticated reporting. It is an old product and so many things are so complicated.

    I don't love QBO compared to QBD, but if it can give you the reports you need, then that is your most obvious choice. Note that QBO doesn't let you delete anything anything on lists (like classes or accounts), so you would want to really clean up your data before migrating. The migration itself is usually not too messy.