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I'm setting up a basic free account at this time and here's essentially how I want to use it (for now).

  • Need to set up multiple workflows/policies based on company and business unit since they will have different approvers and GL accounts. So, the assumption is that I will need to set up a different policy for each business unit within each company? Our GL accounts are typically defined as BusinessUnit.ObjectAcct.SubAcct but the account structure is unique to each Company. Since each business unit has its own VP I'm assuming I'll have to set up separate policies in order for the approvals to have the right workflow.
  • Need to set up workflows for VPs since they will submit directly to the CEO; again, probably will need different VP policy for each company since they have different GL accounts
  • Question: after VP or CEO approval on a free account, what is the best practice for AP to reimburse? Our ERP system is Oracle Enterprise One so I'm assuming we would need to download a file and send it to AP so they can create the voucher in E1. Guidance appreciated here.

I think that's it for now, but I'm sure I'll have more questions as I navigate this program/service.





  • Michael Haxhiu
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    Hey @Mike_Grattan, thanks for sharing your inquiry on the Expensify Community. So far based on what you've shared, I think your use case would be a better fit for our paid Group policies (rather than a free workspace, which is intended for more simplistic needs).

    1. If you have separate companies (i.e. in Oracle) and they have different approval workflows, GL accounts, coding, etc., then it sounds like a good idea to have individual Group policies for each company. In fact this is the only scenario that we'd heavily advocate for separate policies!
    2. You mentioned "Our GL accounts are typically defined as BusinessUnit.ObjectAcct.SubAcc" - I'm glad to get into this deeper with you through our in-app chat with Concierge (or by emailing More context would be helpful to guide you!
    3. After your CEOs approves a report, you can use our ACH reimbursement to disburse the funds. Then, you can export the finalized expense report(s) into a CSV export template. We have default CSV templates in Expensify that work for many customers, but you can also customize a CSV export template too.

    You can feel free to respond here for more generalized guidance, or write into Concierge for more detailed guidance. We are glad to help!

  • Mike_Grattan
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    After reviewing some of your Deep Dive documents I am just a bit more confused...sorry. It appears that we would need the Control type of subscription so that we can set up multiple group policies. It also looks like you really want us to use the Expensify card for our employees. However, our normal routine is for people to use either their personal cards or a company issued card -> fill out an expense report with receipts -> get the expense report approved by their VP (or CEO if they are a VP) -> expense report reviewed by accounting auditor -> expense report submitted to AP and processed for reimbursement either to employee's auto-pay checking account or via paper check.

    How would this best be set up in your system?

  • Stevie LaFortune
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    Yes - exactly! With your setup, the Control type policy is what you need since there is an Advanced Approval workflow that sounds like you need. 

    If you would like a call to answer more account setup questions you have, log in to Expensify and click the "Call" button in your Expensify inbox.

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