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hwainner Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I am an ultrasound tech looking to bring better healthcare access to our small community. I haven't owned a business before, but found Expensify, and would love to hear everyone's thoughts on my project. I have been looking into a business loan, but I quite honestly don't know where to start when it comes to the financing of a business in the medical field. If anyone recommends certain ways of keeping track of these expenses the best, or ideas of how to fund such an idea, it would be greatly appreciated. I am currently working with a few mentors in the area that are also advising me on my business idea. Thanks everyone, I'm hoping to hear everyone's input.


  • Sophie_Pinto
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    Hi @hwainner! Sounds like you're onto something, and Expensify can help you in terms of organising any business expenses you have but we do not extend out loans to help businesses get set up. Typically, ideas looking to get funded will look at local angel investors or venture capital firms.

    If you're looking to track your receipts along the way, definitely take a look at our Day 1 resources, they'll help you get set up quickly!

    Best of luck to you :)