HST (Canada) on credits (returns/refunds) exporting to QBO backwards(?)

StevieWells Expensify Customer Posts: 1

I'm in Canada and have a client who uses Expensify for their staff credit card expenses. When the charges are exported, the GST/HST is fine. The lines in the QBO Expense entry are all positive.

When refunds are exported as Credit Card Credits, however, the line items are correct but the GST/HST is recorded as a negative, reducing the refund by double the amount of the HST.

EG. Refund is $113.00, and the expense was Office Supplies. The CCC for the Office Supplies is a positive (credit) amount but the HST, which should also be a credit is a negative amount or a debit. So instead of a total credit of $113.00 the credit is for $87.00.

Has anyone else seen this? Is it a setting that needs to be fixed? The client and I would like to not have to fix this every month for 7 credit cards.


Stevie Wells, CPB