How to: Work with your assigned setup specialist

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Your dedicated setup specialist is available to you in - our powerful chat tool!

Simply log into New Expensify with your Expensify credentials and you’ll find an #admins chat room on the left-hand side. If you don’t see an #admins room, just click the search icon and look for it there. Here’s what it looks like when you first log into

What can I expect from my setup specialist?

1. Personalized support 

Your specialist can answer any questions and schedule screen share calls to help you configure your Expensify account or learn more about the product. 

2. Product demos

Curious how the Expensify Card works or how your accounting software integrates with Expensify? Let your specialist know and they can walk you and your team through any feature you like.

3. Setup assistance 

You don’t need to set up your Expensify account on your own! When you’re ready to get started, just chat your specialist in the #admins room and they’ll make sure everything is configured properly from the get-go.


When should I chat with Concierge instead of my setup specialist?

Personalized support by its nature is not always immediate, so for lightning-fast responses you can always chat with Concierge via the chat icon in your Expensify account or at

Who gets an assigned setup specialist?

This feature is designed for new customers! Whenever you sign up, you'll be assigned a product specialist to guide you through your account setup process.

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