HOW TO: Integrate with Deel

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This guide is for business clients that want to configure policies and sync expenses from Expensify to Deel. This one-way sync will establish Expensify as your single source of truth for all employee expenses. 

If you are a contractor or employee working for an organization using Expensify, please read:


With Deel’s Expensify integration you can use Expensify’s approval flows to ensure your team gets paid on time through Deel. 

This process will involve matching user profiles and expense policies in Expensify to user profiles and policies in Deel. Once connected, Deel will scan for approved expenses for matched users who are included in any policies you have selected for this integration enabling Deel to pull those expenses into the platform for reimbursement.

This one-way sync. Expenses and receipts logged and approved in Expensify will be synched to Deel. This will not enable expenses logged in Deel to be synched to Expensify.

Expense synching is not instantaneous. To learn more about how synching works, please read How Does Expense Synching Work?

Before you start:

Establishing a connection requires several things. Please ensure that you have the following permissions:

  • Deel Organization Manager permissions
  • Expensify Admin permissions for any policies you want to integrate with Deel
  • A paid Expensify subscription in order to approve expenses and sync them to Deel

Expensify Admin permissions can be complex. Please refer to Expensify’s Introduction to Integration and information about admin capabilities.

To continue the integration please refer to the integration guide.