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I'm not sure what happened but I clicked on something and then some of my columns disappeared from the Expenses view. The Category and Description columns fell off the screen or got pushed to the right and I have a very wide Merchant column, which takes up a lot of space. How do I get my hidden columns to show up again? Any ideas what happened?


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    Flin Expensify Customer Posts: 2
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    Thank you so much for helping out. I appreciate your feedback and taking the time to answer. I was still having the problem today and checked back to see if anyone had suggestions. I am very grateful for you reaching out. Just to let you know, I saw the "View" options yesterday and tried them, but they did not work. Then, I actually figured out the problem by chance today and thought I would share it here if anyone else came across the same problem. I asked for help from the Concierge service (what a great service! and what great product support! I am genuinely impressed) I got a response fairly promptly which allowed me to continue my work. They suggested I try another browser, so I switched to Chrome and no longer had the problem. Then I got on Edge again today and expected the problem to be gone but it was still there. I was only able to see some of my columns and the columns on the right were truncated. Then, I checked my "Zoom" in my Edge settings and noticed that it was set at 110%. I changed it back to 100% and then the missing columns reappeared. What messed me up was that I did not consciously change my Zoom settings and it happened by accident while I was clicking through the pages as I was working. There must be some Edge shortcut like click and swipe up or something that allows you to change the Zoom setting without having to open up the 3-dot menu at the top right of the page. Anyway, this was a dumb mistake on my part and frustrating that it took me so long to figure it out. I'm posting my experience here to help others who may come across the same problem. It turns out to be a browser thing after all like the Concierge thought. (Kind of like the Oracle in the Matrix) Thanks to you all for the help.