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Can expense rules adjust the total amount?

sellout Expensify Customer Posts: 2

My company reimburses a fraction of our home internet service. I would love to modify my expense rule (which already sets the category and description for these expenses) to also set the total to, say, 50% of what is scanned from the receipt.

Alternatively, is there a different way to automatically have a different reimbursement amount than the one scanned from the receipt? Since my internet service is the same every month, even being able to set it to a fixed amount in the rule would be helpful.

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  • Rachael Hopkins
    Rachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 904 Expensify Team
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    Hi @sellout, the simplest way to do this right now is to SmartScan the expense and manually adjust the total. Alternatively, you could create future expenses in bulk and manually add the receipt image each time you get it.

    We do have a "custom workflow" AKA "DEW" that we use internally for something like this, that we could potentially redevelop and share with you (and other customers) - this would work if all expenses in X category are X% reimbursed. We'd need your policy admin to write into and request this, and mention this post, and then we could get the ball rolling with an engineering ticket to create what we call a "generic DEW".

    I've used internal terminology here so that if you do request it, it's specific enough for the person who gets your request to follow!