Excluding Outdated Information

JimMathews Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Is there a way to ensure that my approvers ONLY see expenses associated with the current, in-force expense Policy?

Our organization had Expensify in 2016 and 2017. We dropped it, in part because it didn't really work the way we expected it to. We decided this July to give it another chance, and opened a new account, with a new 2022 expense policy.

Unfortunately my dashboard and my approvers' dashboards have all pre-populated with five- or six-year old expenses and reports...some Approved, some Processing, and some neither. Most involve employees who are no longer with us. None are related to our current expense Policy which we set up in July.

Do I have to instruct all my users and approvers to use the Filters function to only look at the current Expense Policy? I have older volunteers in the approval chain, and that could be problematic and confusing for them.