How can I download actual size PDF images of all my receipts for the last 7 years ?

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I want to download actual size .PDF images of the actual receipts we have scanned for the last seven years. I prefer them with the reports in which they are included, but I could live with simple date order, too.

I signed up with Expensify in 2011, and now am planning my retirement and closure of my business, and so the end of my relationship with Expensify. Both my accountant and my attorney are recommending that I save my own redundant copies of my receipt evidence before I close my account.

Before I originally signed up, I researched this topic, and I believe I even communicated with Expensify staff about this, and was reassured enough to proceed. Recently, when I tried to download my own receipt evidence, I could not figure it out and failed. After having to listen to "I told you so" from my accountant and "well, you'll probably be safe after 3 to 7 years" from my Lawyer, I turned to this forum.

Having read thru this thread, I suddenly realize that some very sophisticated folks are also having a hard time accomplishing this task. I have no idea at all how to program with curl or JSON, etc., like the more advanced folks in this thread, and can not afford to pay somebody. So I have no hope of using those techniques to recapture my own image data. Could one of you more sophisticated users write a complete app, with simple instructions, which I could buy from you?

I see that Expensify Customer Service is here trying its best to listen; the answers ring hollow for me. Saying "we hope to save our Customers the cost of data storage" smacks of the paternalism of Big Brother for me. Previously, I had worked in the photocopy industry, where 3M and Xerox first tried to "Lock in" customers with coated paper, and where now companies try that with "Proprietary" Toner. So I felt this concern way back when I first signed up.

Fears that others have mentioned here - Expensify going away or being bought and changed - are not just possible, but common in the world today. What's even more real for me from a small biz perspective, and what I believe has already occurred, is bloat.

I don't understand why the lofty principles must overrule my basic needs so absolutely.

For me, this is a betrayal by Expensify.



  • Victoria O'leary
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    Hi @JohnJB

    Thanks for reaching out to us, and congratulations on your approaching retirement!

    Great news, you can, indeed, download your reports along with the receipt attachments to PDF. To do this from the web app, simply open the report in the web app and click Details on the upper right corner, then click the button with the "down arrow". Here is a detailed guide to these steps. 

    If you need a hand, feel free to reach out to Concierge through the in-product messaging option.