Recording the vendor bill number using the relatively new vendor bill feature in Expensify

myeager Expensify Customer Posts: 2

Sorry if I'm doing this incorrectly - I'm trying to setup and use the vendor bill feature in Expensify and much to my surprise there isn't an field to capture the vendor bill number?!? There isn't even a way (as far as I can tell) to setup a custom field with Bills the way you can with Expenses and Invoices. What am I missing? Crazy that there isn't anyplace to record (even manually) the vendor bill number. Again, what am I missing?


  • Michael Haxhiu
    Michael Haxhiu Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 87 Expensify Team

    Thanks for reaching out @myeager. Are you referring to the Vendor Bill number that's associated with exported non-reimbursable expenses (e.g. when you export to QBO)?

    Or are you referring to the unique identifier that's associated with Bills (e.g. when you create a Bill here)?

  • myeager
    myeager Expensify Customer Posts: 2

    Michael - thanks for responding. I'm referring to the invoice or bill number as provided by the vendor (this is what I assume you are referring to above "Or are you referring to the unique identifier ......."

    I find it remarkable that Expensify does not provide a data or even a text field for the vendor bill number. I have several vendors that bill the same amount for the same service over and over again and I'm sure they would like to know what invoice is being paid when the money hits their account - without an invoice number how will they know?!?

    Additionally, today I discovered that I cannot create a report template that automatically captures the merchant name in the report name which would help me keep the reports neatly organized by name rather than by email address!

    The more I look into this feature the more I realize that it is not ready for prime time ...

    Any and all suggestions, insights or dare I say, workarounds, are greatly appreciated.