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API Issue.... No Return Data and No Errors

vbkevin Expensify Customer Posts: 2

We have an app written in C# that reaches out to the endpoint and extracts a combine .txt file with extracted data. We are using the Report Exporter on the Integration Server.  I have simplified the request and am using the expensify_template.ftl shown on your documentation page here.

All request return back valid responses (so this is not an authentication issue) with no error messages…. The response for the report only contains the header … no data rows. The account I am using to access is a domain admin as am I. I know there are reports within the range requesting. Is there something on the back end stopping me from making these requests. Our application has not been active for quite some time now. I though it might have something to do with my request containing the parameter “reportState” so I removed, in the screen shot below (have tried with and without).... now I am wondering if its got something to do with account I am using.

Any help would be appreciated.

Call #1 The Request:

Call #2 Reaching out for the data