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American Express US Business Company Card Import in Personal Settings

April Bekkala
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We encourage you to transition to the new American Express US Business connection before June 30, 2023 to avoid any last-minute issues. Get this task checked off your to-do list!

On the Expensify website navigate to Settings > Account > Credit Card Import > Import Card/Bank and choose the American Express US - Business (New and Upgraded) connection.

Something important to keep in mind!

1. Ensure all imported Card expenses are submitted (any unsubmitted Card expenses will be removed when the connection is later removed).

2. While making the new connection it will automatically import the previous 30 days of transactions. To control what imports you can note the last date of import and choose to select a Start Date which should be +1 day after the last reported expense. Alternatively, you can simply delete any duplicate transactions that have already been reported. 

3. Once the new connection is made, you will delete the old connection. When the new connection is established, the past 30 days of transactions will import. Take note of the date of the most recent submitted transactions so you can easily select any duplicates from the new connection to delete.

Once successfully synced, make sure to delete your old American Express connection for this account to avoid importing duplicate expenses. Once again, before deleting your old connection, please make sure that all the transactions previously imported to your Expensify account are added to reports and submitted. When you delete a Card, all unsubmitted expenses from that transaction feed will be permanently deleted. Expenses that have been added to a submitted/closed report will remain in your account.


Are you looking for instructions on how to transition to the new American Express US Business connection that you've made in your company's Domain Settings? Use the link below!

American Express US Business Company Card Import in Domain Settings