American Express US Business Company Card Import in Domain Settings

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We've upgraded our American Express US Business account Card feed connection to provide a more reliable connection for our users!

We encourage you to transition to the new American Express US Business connection before June 30, 2023 to avoid any last-minute issues.

The following steps can only be completed by a Domain Admin.

On the Expensify website navigate to Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Company Cards > Import Card and choose the American Express US Business (New and Upgraded) connection.

Make sure to start a new connection by clicking "Import Card" as opposed to "Assign New Cards"

Once in the American Express portal, ensure you are selecting the card groups to best suit your company. To allow all cards to import under one dropdown, make sure to select all cards each time you are adding any cards from any programs. If you would like your card programs listed under separate dropdowns, you can select only that group making sure to select all cards from that group each time you are adding a new card. 

Once the connection is set up, you can delete the old connection to this account to avoid importing duplicate expenses. Then, you can assign the individual Cards back to users accounts from the Company Cards page.

Something important to keep in mind!

While assigning Cards, you are able to select the start date for each assigned Card. You are able to select the past 90 days to import, the previous 30 days will import by default. You can take note of the most recent imported transactions from the past connection to allow you to set the new date accordingly.

1. Ensure all imported Card expenses are submitted (any unsubmitted Card expenses will be removed when the connection is later removed).

2. Note the last date of import for each Card.

3. While making the new connection, you will select a Start Date that is +1 day to the last imported date from the old connection.

4. Once the new connection is made, you will remove the old connection by unassigning the cards.

Just a quick tip here: before deleting your old connection, please make sure that all the transactions previously imported to users' Expensify accounts are added to reports and submitted. When a Card is unassigned, all unsubmitted expenses from that transaction feed will also be deleted. Expenses that have been added to a submitted/closed report will remain in the user's accounts.

If you have selected "Corporate Liability" on the Company Card settings page, users are not able to delete any imported Card transactions, including those that are duplicates.


Are you looking for instructions on how to transition to the new American Express US Business connection that you've made in your Personal Settings? Use the link below!

American Express US Business Company Card Import in Personal Settings



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