Invalid Credentials Message Possibly Tied to Rate Limiting

xaras Expensify Customer Posts: 4


I'm connecting to the Integration Server with Python. My connection works fine. However, recently, when I launch multiple connections at the same time, I receive an error on the 3rd or 4th connection. I have replicated the same in Postman. My call is below.

What could be causing this?

`{"responseMessage":"Invalid credentials","responseCode":500}`{"type": "file", "credentials": {"partnerUserID": "some_user_id", "partnerUserSecret": "my_secret_abc123"}, "onReceive": {"immediateResponse": ["returnRandomFileName"]}, "inputSettings": {"reportState": "APPROVED", "type": "combinedReportData", "filters": {"startDate": "2022-12-01", "endDate": "2022-12-01"}}, "outputSettings": {"fileExtension": "csv", "fileBasename": "base_file_name"}}