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We recently got new cards (in September) Visa VCR and there are some (not all) the reports are created and it is combining all their months into one open report. They use to be separated into months before we entered the new cards. Since then I have talked to numerous representatives with Expenisfy but get different answers or they tell me what I have it set as is correct. But I need to know what it was set at when we had our old cards because it was doing fine then. But I have no idea what it was set as then (before September) Mastercard VCF. Right now it is set as Schedule Submit - Monthly - 1st. What is causing this to happen? I need their charges to be on one report for each month and for them to submit when ready (not all of them get them done in time) so I don't want it to be submitted without them pushing the button. HELP! I have been working on this since September. Thank you


  • Stephanie Elliot
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    Hi @Diana2278_! Based on what you're saying here, it sounds like you are trying to achieve expense reports which match your company card statement exactly. A heads up that Expensify is not really optimized for that -- there are a lot of variables at play like differing statement closing dates, delay between transaction and posting dates, etc. that can make it difficult to achieve that 1:1 match between expense report and statement.

    Bearing this in mind, we build a tool designed specifically for reconciling employees' company card expenses against the credit card statement called the Reconciliation Dashboard. This tool will help you quickly and easily match imported company card expenses against the credit card statement, identify any expenses which have not yet been processed (i.e. approved), and also reconcile transactions imported into Expensify against the bank register in your accounting integration.

    In addition to saving tons of time, this method has the added bonus of allowing you to get expenses processed much more quickly. Instead of waiting to process all expenses at the end of the month once the statement period has ended, you can process these expenses on weekly or even daily basis and get them exported to your accounting integration.

    If you do have a need to get expenses onto one single monthly report, working with Concierge will be your best bet as they are able to look at the specifics in your account. But I would recommend giving the Reconciliation Dashboard a try as it may just do the trick! You can find instructions for reconciling imported expenses against your credit card statement here. We also have a great video that shows that process in action - the piece about reconciliation starts around 14:00 in the video here!