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Hello All,

My name is Steve and we just started trying to use Expensify recently with our company. Wondering if anyone has experience using Expensify's credit card sync. Our company has two Chase Credit Card Accounts with separate logins. Even though I'm syncing these credit cards under domains with the separate login information, Expensify is bringing them all in under the same company card profile for Chase. It then appears that since both logins are under the same company profile, one of the accounts just stops syncing. Like right now, I have one company that synced all the cards yesterday and one that has a last sync date of 1/5/23

So now I have about 10 employees or so who have one of their cards that syncs and one that does not. It's almost as if the 2nd chase account should be rolling up under a new CC account profile for Chase. Even though the login website is the same, the account itself is different.

Needless to say, this is creating all kinds of problems where employees are uploading receipts for charges that don't exist because the sync has failed. Does anyone have any experience on this matter? Is there a workaround I'm unaware of?

Any help would be appreciated!


  • Mark Louis
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    Hi there @Skellz2022 – thanks for reaching out!

    With the Chase connector, there can only be one card program linked per domain. Unfortunately, this means that if you try to connect two separate Chase card programs, it will cause the connection to break. The solution for this is to speak with your bank representative and ask them to combine the card programs under one login. Then, using this single login, you can connect the card program and assign the cards and the connection will remain stable.

    If you have any other questions about this, please reach out to Concierge via the chat in-product or by emailing Thanks!