Pulling Credit Card Transactions From Many Domains

Mikail Approved! Accountant Posts: 14 Expensify Newcomer


I have a large client that is the parent company to many different med practices around the country. Each practice operates under their own name and domain but all credit cards are issued by the same bank - there is only 1 reconciliation done at month end. Therefore, we have the same CDF feed connected to 40 different domains. I used the Expensify API reference to connect Power BI to Expensify in order to have combined reporting for all credit cards as I cannot spend the time that it takes to go into each domain and run a reconciliation report each month and then combine all reports.

The problem is (from what I can tell), the Expensify API will only pull transactions from one domain at a time, so the refresh takes about 20 minutes to loop through all 40 domains. After adding a few more domains, the refresh now errors out after 20 minutes. There is only about 5,000 credit card transactions a month so transaction volume is not causing the issue - the issue is the separate API call for each domain.

Does anyone know how to pull credit card transactions by feed, rather than by domain? When I try to pull data by feed, I get an error message saying that 1 domain is required. Is there another way to pull credit card transactions for all domains using the API credit card reconciliation exporter?

Thank you!