How can I find audit history for a report that has been deleted or removed?

adrianimj Expensify Customer Posts: 1

This morning I reviewed reports and saw an employee had a $500 report in Rejected state pending some fixes for resubmission. They also had a $1000 report in Processing.

I took a screenshot of this report and emailed it to the employee to ask them to review it. I also made a comment on the report.

That employee replied to me asking for clarification because they cannot find the $500 report. I opened Expensify and I now also cannot see the $500 report. The $1000 report is still there.

How can I trace back what happened to the $500 report? Is there some kind of history or activity log available in Expensify? How can I make sure that $500 of expenses didn't just go missing for that employee? Can anyone help me understand what's going on here?

I messaged the concierge this question but didn't get a reply, and I really need to get an answer on this for my team member.