Doubts in API reg

Nandhini Expensify Customer Posts: 4

1)I could see that we can add additional fields to reports under Policies---->reports---->report and invoice fields.

These fields must also be filled while creating a report.Is there a way to get the value of these fields filled in a report through API.

I could see the name of these fields can be obtained through Policy API Endpoint

However the value associated applied in a specified report for the specified fields was not found in API for report exporter.

Could you please let me know if there is a way to obtain this.

2)Also is there a way to get the records deleted after a particular time.

3) Is there a way to obtain the reports modified after a particular time.Using the StartDate and EndDate I was not able to obtain changes in any expense associated to a report unless it is submitted.For eg if i change a tag associated to a expense in the report which is not yet submitted i was not able to obtain those records through start date and enddate. Is there any other option by which we can obtain modified records not limited to submitted or created reports alone.

4)Is there any limit on number of reports that can be exported through Report Exporter API.Can we export all the reports in a single call itself?