Quickbooks and currency!

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When trying to export an employees expenses to quickbooks I am getting the following error message in Expensify. "The currency of the account must match your home currency!".
We are based in Ireland and the currency of the policy and of quickbooks is Euro. The employee is based in the US, and the expenses are USD but have converted to Euro. Thanks

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  • Nicole Trepanier
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    If these are reimbursable transactions, the vendor will be the employee who submitted the report. For non-reimbursable expenses, the payee/vendor depends on what options you have set for exporting. Credit card and debit card transactions will use the vendor Credit Card Misc., Debit Card Misc., or the merchant, if there is a matching vendor in QuickBooks. For vendor bills, it will either use the vendor of the employee or the default vendor if that option is enabled.

    Once you've identified who the vendor is, locate the vendor record in QuickBooks and make sure that the currency matches the account you are exporting to. For example, the currency here:

    Must match the currency here: