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How to set receipt image order when export report pdf? Also csv or xls in the same order as pdf?

shoppegirl152 Expensify Customer Posts: 1
edited March 2023 in Day to Day

When exporting a pdf of a report with receipt images, is there a way to set the order that the images of receipts are exported? The thumbnails order / numbering (small number in upper left corner of each thumbnail) are different from the full page images. Also when I try testing to export pdf as "basic" or "detailed," such as by category, the thumbnails and full page images remain the same, they are still not ordered by category. Seems like the thumbnails are organized in reverse chronological order based on when the receipt was uploaded. The full page images are perhaps in chronological order of the transaction date. It'd be great if the images exported in the same order as the pdf report lists the expenses.

Also relatedly, is there a way to custom export csv or xls so that the expenses are listed in the same order as the pdf? Currently it seems to export only by date in reverse chronological order as default.

Please advise how to configure these export settings for both 1) pdf of images in specified order, and 2) csv or xls with expenses in same order as pdf export? Thank you!