Xero integration with Expensify

jak6389 Expensify Customer Posts: 1


Hoping someone can help me understand this from a tactical level. Support has linked me to a few technical documents but they talk more about code than how this integration works out of the box. We run both reimbursable expenses (Mileage, Per diem) and Non-reimbursable expenses (Hotel rooms, rental cars etc) through Expensify. There is data coming over daily to Xero but that's where I get lost. I see we pay Expensify (pulled from our bank account) a lump sum daily and other transactions to the employee for reimbursable expenses.

I don't understand what is happening in the background with the Expensify liability account and the Expensify clearing account that was automatically setup when we turned on the integration. When I reconcile the non-reimbursable transactions (Click ok in Xero. Xero defaults this to the ExpCardClr - Expensify Clearing Account ), I would think each individual expense in that transaction is recorded to the correct chart of accounts category (that I categorized in the Expensify app) and the Expensify clearing account would credit the Expensify liability account back to $0.

For the Reimbursable transactions, (IE Bob Smith Expensify R00Ixhlmzwdy Company 123 021623) I would think these should be reconciled through the ExpCardClr - Expensify Clearing Account)

So I guess my question is, am I supposed to being doing another step after click Ok in Xero to reconcile? Can someone explain how the liability account and clearing account work? Do I need to do anything with the Expensify Liability account or does the clearing account take care of that as I reconcile? I'm thinking as long as I categorized transactions in Expensify, I should be reconciling every Expensify bank transaction to the clearing account??? If anyone has a good advisor that understands this, I would hire them to walk me through it.

Thank you in advance!