How do I manage TIPS in an expense?

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Hello I'm wondering does Expensify have a way to manage TIPS on a submitted receipt? I can't seem to find a "tip option" to enter how much money was tipped at a restaurant or where ever. Right now my tax being calculated, is being calculated on the total including the tip, rather than the tax on the total WITHOUT the tip? Hope this makes sense. Does Expensify have any rules or suggestions on dealing with receipts with a tip on them?


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hello @chadm - welcome! We don't have a concept of tipping in Expensify, and if you need to calculate the tax separate of the tip we have a couple recommendations.

    The first option is to split the expense, one portion for the tax and total and another for the tip without tax.

    Another option is to manually change the tax amount on the expense itself. This one requires a bit of math on your end but as long as the tax amount is less than what we calculated, you should be able to change and save it. Additionally, we'll notate on the expense that the tax amount was manually changed and indicate what the original amount was.

    I hope this helps!

  • rgondo
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    @Sheena Trepanier - does this mean if the person adds the tip incorrectly, then Expensify won't catch the error - it just reads the final total?

    We had a case where someone added the tip wrong, and Expensify read it incorrectly. Example:

    Meal - $20.
    Tip - $4
    Total -$25

    And Expensify read "$25"

  • Alejandro Paz
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    Hi @rgondo

    I realize that it's been a while and this has likely been resolved, however I'd like to close the loop to this thread for anyone else that might be wondering.

    In this case, we will take the total amount that's listed for the receipt, since we won't be able to determine if the user made a mistake on the either the tip or final total for the receipt.

    In a case like this, it's always best to reach out to directly in order to receive 1 on 1 support and dig into the issue in detail. Hope that helps!