My Expensify iphone app keeps logging out after an unknown period of time

lukeirves Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

The app used to stay logged in so i could quickly scan receipts when i'm on the road.

but in the last 6 months every second time i go to use the app i have to login again, this would be ok if the app supported face id but it was requiring a password and my password manager was not being triggered as the app was not written properly. further to this expensify has now made it even more difficult to login by requiring a passcode to be sent to my email.

So essentially when the check comes at a restaurant I have to make everyone wait so i can open my app fill in my email, wait for the email to arrive then copy the code and enter it into the app, wait for login, then scan the receipt and remember to press save...

This is not convenient anymore as it used to be, is there some way to fix this??