Upgraded American Express Connection does not allow for two different connections?

john5555 Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hi folks - My company has had an Expensify account that we used for about a dozen cards which are sub accounts of two parent Amex cards. Each parent card had their own domain and we were able to feed both parent cards and their sub cards into Expensify from Amex. However, since the upgraded AMEX connection, it appears that AMEX no longer allows to us to feed both cards into the Expensify account. It's either one parent card or the other. And the same thing happened with our AMEX feed into Quickbooks Online. Seems to only allow one of the parent cards to feed into the account.

Does anyone know if AMEX changed something on their end that prevents users from feeding multiple AMEX accounts into either Expensify or Quickbooks?