iPhone-shot receipt photo blurring problem

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I changed from iPhone 13 to 14 Pro. While using Expensify App without a similar problem from iPhone 4 series, my present iPhone 14 Pro is my first one with a macro lens and, apparently, causes my problem.

When shooting a small receipt - like a 5x8 cm taxi receipt - I need to take the iPhone camera some 6 cm from the receipt so that it fills most of the screen. But, Expensify App is not forcing iPhone Pro to change the lens to Macro and the photo is too blurred for my expense report handlers to read. I can get clear photos only when I keep the iPhone camera at least 15 cm away (thus, A4 size receipts are not an issue). With my earlier iPhone 13 (not Pro so no Macro lens), the main distance for a clear shot is 8 cm.

Thus, in order to get clear shots, I need to keep the camera 15 cm away from the receipt. For small receipts, it means that most of the picture is other than the receipt, often including my shoes when I take the shots on top of my briefcase at a railway station.

Expensify Support says that Expensify Engineering cannot reproduce this and that I'm the only one with this problem. Would it really be so? Is there anyone else with this problem - and a possible cure for this?

Thanks for your kind attention, Mika



  • RandyH
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    I have the same issue. It drives me absolutely crazy. I wind up having to take a picture of the receipt and then manually choosing it from photos to get a photo that's legible. I never had it before I got the iPhone 14 and I don't understand why support can't reproduce this. There must be more people having this problem.

  • AdamF
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    I have this same issue as well. Every since the upgrade. Somewhere I read something like iOS isn't allowing 3rd party apps to have full camera controls (i.e. over focus, zoom, etc.). I have similar problems with depositing check online, etc. I'm not sure why it is specific to the iPhone 14, though. Nor do I know why it hasn't been addressed or even acknowledged.