Feature Suggestion - Vendor name matches + updated admin role / bookkeeper role.

Kenpachi Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer


Expensify from the bookkeeping side could be improved drastically in the market with two changes:

  1. Two-way Vendor sync with accounting software - I would like the ability for employees and card users to access the vendors that are within my quickbooks, and the ability to create a vendor in Expensify that then gets created in Quickbooks. That way we don't have every vendor linked to "Credit Card Misc". I've seen the excuse that its to avoid multiple creations of the same name, but honestly it is much worse that you have multiple unrelated vendors under one name. I think it be so much better for a two-way sync, Bill.com does this perfectly.
  2. Updated Admin Role or a bookkeeper role - Expensify should allow for an admin to create rules for users based on whatever budgets or policies they are part of or, they should allow for a "bookkeeper" role that has the ability. Rules should not ONLY be up to the card user. This would allow for an accountant or controller to set rules for the policies related to vendors etc. Platforms like Divvy, Brex, and Ramp give this ability to specific roles, and it allows for so much better card management. This would be a massively welcomed change.