Calling API to create expense report produces error -

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I created UserSecret for myself (for test, in prod it will be some integration user in theory),

I am trying to create the expense report, and it works - as long as the employeeEmail is the same one of the partner user ID and secret.

curl -X POST -d "requestJobDescription={"type": "create","credentials": {"partnerUserID": "ABCDE123", "partnerUserSecret": "321EDCBA" },"inputSettings": {"type": "report","policyID": "POLID","report": {"title": "ExpenseReport","fields":{"business_reason":"test123","navan_id":"12345","travel_start_date":"01-06-2022","travel_end_date":"01-07-2022"}},"employeeEmail": "[email protected]","expenses": []}}"

if I switch (with the same partner ID and secret) to another email, I get error :

{"responseMessage":"Not authorized to authenticate as user [email protected]","responseCode":401}

is it some setting on the user I am missing ?

can it be done at all ?