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Controlling the frequency of automatic reminders to managers who need to approve reports

bkirrenebkirrene Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

I asked the Expensify admins if there was a way to control the frequency of sending automatic reminders to manager "approvers" ? The reason is, many managers take forever to approve submissions and they need reminding. However it is taking a long time for us to manually remind each manager. Even running a report and sending it out to the managers is time-consuming. We're looking for a way for the Expensify system to notice a report hasn't been approved by the manager and send friendly reminders to approve them, especially before our month-end close deadline.

The answer from the Expensify admins was : "Each Monday, we will also send out a reminder email to approvers who currently have outstanding Reports."

I can see this as a solution to try not to pester dutiful managers who for the most part approve on a timely basis. However, as a policy admin for my company I want to be able to control the frequency of the automatic reminders with the option for DAILY reminders for those inattentive managers.

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