Expensify get employee data in expense report via API

pooja_zakhariya Expensify Customer Posts: 1


I am trying to fetch expenses from expensify using API. Here is the code I am using.

api_url = "https://integrations.expensify.com/Integration-Server/ExpensifyIntegrations"

params = {

"requestJobDescription": dumps({
"type": "file",
"credentials": {
"partnerUserID": userid,
"partnerUserSecret": ssecret
"onReceive": {
"immediateResponse": ["returnRandomFileName"]
"inputSettings": {
"type": "combinedReportData",
"reportState": "APPROVED",
"limit": 80,
"filters": {
"startDate": start_date
"outputSettings": {
"fileExtension": "txt",
"fileBasename": "output_"
"template": file_template

I am not able to fetch data of employee(who posted/created this expense).

I have used following fields in case it contains data required. "owner" "card_name" "submitter_id" "submitter_email" "manager_email"

I am only getting manager_email, for other columns I am getting blank output(no data).

Is there a way to get employee/user who created expense data?

Thank you.