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this is alll odd and Damn well not right of Expensify

A9834u5njvufv Expensify Customer Posts: 1

some how there silly useless service managed to add me to there ruddy email list

tho ive NEVER USED there service NOR have a Company how ever they let someone use my email to start something its super bad also bad due to the help desk NOT giving aa hoot about accepting the request to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT

due to me not sighing up in the first place this is even worse due to my LD Special-needs that this company also refuse to acknowledge maybe one day someone will make there secutry system stronger by doing something even more worse

im sure they have leaked everyones info somehow online what a Bunch of UnHelpful people all at head office. ill have you bunch of earless BrickWalls that i did not setup any account with this company management.

i demand an apolligy and for the silly worthless company to Delete my Account if i have not been able to already