Is it Possible to Disable Concierge Audit for Control-level Accounts?

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Apparently, now, for those of us at the Control level, it is impossible to disable SmartScan.

This is a huge problem for us, and will be a deal-breaker if it is not fixed.

SmartScan *actively hurts* our ability to use Expensify. I am not sure why Expensify has decided to force it on users, but it has problems that render it useless for us:

* For receipts in USD, it is barely 50% accurate, and we have other things to do with our time than engage receipt-by-receipt with Expensify to fix their product.

* For receipts not in USD, it is 100% inaccurate, since it cannot (and can't) correctly parse the foreign currency. When we take a trip with four different currencies, we don't reimburse in four different currencies; we reimburse in USD, and the exchange rate can vary receipt-to-receipt.

Without SmartScan, we just upload our receipts (usually in batch, from a desktop), and it's obvious which ones haven't been completed. We just go through, enter the info (including converting to USD as appropriate), and we're done.

With SmartScan, we suddenly have to play a videogame. Which ones are right? Which ones aren't? Can we get SmartScan stopped in time? We have to go from simply entering our data to auditing the computer, which is far more work.

And in any event, why are we even having this discussion? Just give us a switch, as you always have in the past, to turn off SmartScan.

Thus: How does an account manager and Policy Admin, at the Control level, turn off SmartScan for their users?


  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 753Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @Xof! While we did make Concierge Receipt Audit a feature for enterprise customers with Control accounts, you do still have the option to fill in the details manually when you upload a receipt on both the mobile app and the website. This feature isn't meant to override your current receipt process but to double-check that the information is correct.

    If you are finding inaccuracy in your SmartScans, please reach out to [email protected] with details on what scanned incorrectly. We definitely want to correct any issues there.

    We are currently tracking feedback on this feature so we really appreciate you reaching out.

  • XofXof Posts: 3Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

    Can you explain why Expensify has made the decision to force Control-level accounts to use SmartScan? I'm not interested why Expensify thinks that SmartScan is a good feature. Until yesterday, we could turn it off; now, we can't. It does not benefit us, and in fact actively harms our workflow. I can see no reason to force us to use it; why has this decision been made?

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