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I want reports created by rules to automatically have the date in their title

JossyJossy Posts: 1Expensify Customer

I have a rule to put all expenses from a certain merchant to go into their own report. As these expenses occur every month, these reports will be submitted on a rolling basis. I would like each report's name to be "[Merchant Name], [start-date] to [end-date]", with the start and end date to be the date of the first and last expense in the report.

Is there a way to do this? I have tried using { } but it doesn't seem to have worked.

Many thanks.


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,140Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Team

    Hi @Jossy, welcome to the Community! I did some testing on my end and can confirm there is no way to use an Expense Rule to automatically create reports with the title format you want.

    This is partially because the feature doesn't support creating report titles based on formula, but also because our formula for merchant is an expense level formula. Expense level formulas are not supported for report titles. This is because the normal workflow using Expensify is to create reports based on a date range rather than the merchant name.

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