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I'm getting an error message that I need to fix the link to my AMEX/bank account. However when I try and hit the Fix! button, the Import a Credit Card screen opens, but it isn't allowing me to change the Username. That Username that is populating was for a user that is no longer at my company. How can I update that Username? We had to manually upload all the charges for July and it was HORRIBLE!!


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    HI @EmilySeattle, thanks for posting!

    I can share the instructions for making this change, but if you run into any account specific questions regarding the transition, I'd recommend emailing us at [email protected], that way we can share screenshots and account details in a private conversation.

    Fixing a card connection when the username has changed

    The scenario: Your card connection in Domain Control is no longer working and you use the Fix button. Clicking the Fix button shows you a username that is no longer accurate and you need to update it, however, the username field is locked.

    How to resolve: In this case, a brand new connection will need to be made. This is because the cards already connected were done so using the old username and it's not possible to update the username on an existing connection.

    Some important things to know about this transition are:

    • When you make the new connection, you'll click the Import Card/Bank button rather than the Fix button. This let's you enter a new username and password to establish a connection with the bank.
    • A fresh card list will be imported and you'll need to assign cards to employees once again.
    • When you assign the cards from the new connection, it's very important to set a start date. This gives you the ability to control the date expenses start to import on the newly assigned card.
    • Communicate with employees to submit expenses up to "x" date, before you unassign the credit card. When you unassign the credit card, all unsubmitted (unreported and open states) expenses will also be removed, this is why it's important to ask employees to submit expenses before you do so.
    • If you set the start date during assignment of the newly connected cards to the start of the new statement period, and have employees submit expenses up to the end of the last statement period, you'll avoid importing duplicates.

    To take these actions, head to Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards.


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