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Uber & Lyft business platforms: uploading all receipts for rides taken on the business account

richboltrichbolt Expensify Customer Posts: 3

I know that there is an integration for both Uber & Lyft to allow users to link a business profile to Expensify so that the user's ride receipts automatically populate in their individual Expensify account.

I'm looking for something a little different. We use the direct bill feature for both Uber & Lyft, and as a result the receipts need to be centrally loaded into Expensify to be matched up to charges on a single card that's then handled by an admin rather than being submitted by the individual rider (since the rides don't charge to the rider's card). At the moment, ride receipt emails go to an admin's email account, and then the emails need to be forwarded into Expensify. This solution is very cumbersome, since Expensify still does not have any mechanism to verify an email address for forwarding from a gmail-hosted email account. The best solution that I'm aware of to get around this major Expensify shortcoming is to use an IFTTT recipe, but that never works properly since inline images are lost when emails are forwarded--meaning this is useless for rideshare ride receipts that rely on inline images.

Perhaps I'm missing an obviously solution (other than the simple solution of Expensify allowing us to verify [email protected] as a forwarding email from gmail). Does anyone have suggestions that might help?

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