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Unreported User Expenses on Expenses Page (NOT Reconciliation Dashboard)

verohakuverohaku Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer
When my company first started using Expensify in September it seems our policy had a "glitch." All along I, as a Policy and Domain Admin, had access to view individual's Unreported expenses directly on the Expenses page. Screenshot below:

Suddenly, from one HOUR to the next, Unreported expenses were hidden from me. I immediately reached out to customer service believing there was some sort of service outage. It turns out I should have never been able to see user's Unreported expenses, only those that are currently in an Open or Processing report.

It is quite frustrating having now to go through a more cumbersome route of using the Reconciliation Dashboard to view Unreported expenses for a specific user. Instead of just clicking once or twice on the Expenses page, I now have to navigate through more than three links and 10+ clicks to view each users Unreported expenses. More frustrating is that I have to click each user's total expenses which then open in a new window. A new window that looks exactly like the Expenses page access I USED to have. 

Given that Expensify clearly does have the capability to filter Unreported expenses directly on the Expenses page, I believe it would be much more efficient and productive to implement this feature instead of having to waste time through the Reconciliation Dashboard route.


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