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Reconciling the Expensify Card - Sage Intacct

coltonshaw06coltonshaw06 Expensify Customer Posts: 27 Expensify Newcomer
Good Morning Community,

We implemented the Expensify card as our exclusive card within our company but we have some regrets due to the headache in reconciling these expenses. I was wondering if anyone has a solution for me.

Problem: We are charged $4,004 on Jan 9th from Expensify. I have to match what transactions added up to that amount. When I look within Expensify on Jan 8th it shows $911 of expenses, which means most likely something was pending and hit the account on that date. But there is absolutely no way to identify these transactions.

We use Sage Intacct with the credit card integration instead of vendor reports. 

Best Answer

  • Victoria O'learyVictoria O'leary Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 83 Expensify Team
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @coltonshaw06

    Sorry you've had some trouble reconciling this, we definitely don't want this to be a headache for you! The good news is, I think I have an easy solution for you - the Expensify Card Statements function!

    You can access this by going to Settings>Payments then scroll down to Expensify Card Statement and enter the date range you would like to see:

    This will list all your daily settlement amounts and below this, you will see the individual expenses that make up these values.

    I've gone ahead and taken a look at the settlement value you mentioned and everything adds up. If you want me to help you out with some more specific details about this, just reach out to us at [email protected]



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