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The number of families signing up for reimbursement has vastly outnumbered the limited funds available. Though we’re unable to provide a specific timeline on when your report will be reimbursed, we’re doing our best to drive donations and keep our fund moving forward. Rest assured, we’ll review every report that’s submitted per our instructions. 

Thanks for your patience! 

Expenses going to wrong report

gaz1860gaz1860 Expensify Customer Posts: 2

Hi, could somebody help please?

When doing y tax return I created a report called 18/19 and then manually selected all receipts from that period so I could work out a total and group them all together. I have now submitted the return.

However, now when I scan a receipt they keep getting added to that report, (i have closed it now but I didnt at first). How can I make sure no new receipts go to a report, i'd rather they didnt go to a report or I can just set up a new tax year one maybe.

Also, how do I re-assign these 3 or 4 receipts which are now in the wrong report, i dont seem to be able to.



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