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Policy Admins to be able to create new reports

JenicaJenica Expensify Customer Posts: 10 Expensify Admirer

As a Policy Admin, there are various times when I would like to be able create a new report for one of my users. As of right now, that feature is not available. I recognize that on the reconciliation dashboard you can create a new report if all other reports are closed, but it does not allow you to create a new report if one of the user's reports are still open.

This would allow to organize expenses as needed. Often I need to separate transactions within reports based on their dates, or I would like to submit some of the expenses within a report, but not all. As of right now, my go around is to submit the whole report and then "reject" every single expense I actually wanted on a separate report. I would love avoiding this "go-around".

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Unfortunately, this does not fit with Expensify account ownership.


  • Kristin83Kristin83 Expensify Customer Posts: 1

    This would be extremely helpful for us as well.

  • Rachael HopkinsRachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 825 Expensify Team

    Sorry @Jenica and @Kristin83 I just realised no one replied here!

    This is functionality we are unlikely to add, due to the nature of how Expensify works.

    Users can use their own Expensify account however they want, they can use it personally and with multiple organisations, they can take it with them when they leave a company.

    Allowing a Policy Admin to create a report for Unreported expenses would give them access to a user's private expenses. This is why we recommend Copilot for this purpose.

    And as you mention, a Domain Admin can create reports for company card expenses, so that scenario is covered.

    But for a user's private expenses, we are unlikely to allow Policy or Domain admins access to those without user permission.

    In saying that, a 'Merge Reports' feature is high on my radar right now, which may accomplish what you need here!

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