Rounding issues with NetSuite Integration

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I am setting up an Expensify/NetSuite integration for one of my clients.

When creating an expense report in Expensify, the record gets replicated correctly in NetSuite, with the right tax codes. It appears however that there is a rounding issue when taxes get recalculated (I assume) in NetSuite.

This is in Canada and there are two tax codes (GST & QST) that make up the tax group that was referenced in NetSuite.

For example, I created an expense report of 150.00 CAD (tax included) in Expensify, but the report pushed to NetSuite was of 149.99 CAD. My client and I fear that this discrepancy create might create issues when reconciling for month end.

Has anyone encountered this issue in the past? Were you able to solve it?