American Express Point Transactions Not Showing Up in Expensify

mdeitz Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

I am having an issue where some of our employees will charge their corporate Amex and use their Amex rewards points to pay for the transaction. On the Amex statement, this is shown as a charge to their credit card ($10 for example) and then on a seperate line on the statement Amex shows a credit to the person's card account for the same amount (-$10) with a description that mentions paying with points.

In Expensify, the user is able to see the initial charge by Amazon, but the credit to their card balance doesn't ever show up. So instead of a net $0 impact which is what the Amex statement shows and what actually occurs, Expensify reflects the charge only. And with this gets exported to our accounting software, it looks as though we owed $10 to Amex for the Amazon charge, when in reality we did not owe Amex anything for this specific charge.

Concierge told me to reach out to Amex, but didn't provide a person or group to contact at Amex to ask about the data feed. And that very much seems like something that might be a more widespread issue.

Anyone else have similar issues? Or any ideas on how to fix? I don't want to make the fix too manual and force individuals to put these charges on a seperate report.



  • ojohnson
    ojohnson Expensify Customer Posts: 1

    I dont have this exact issue but the new AMEX feed is giving us so many problems that are taking endless hours to address every month. Expensify is losing it's appeal quickly with the many inaccuracies they have. Concierge is less than helpful and puts the onus on figuring out the solution on the user.

  • mdeitz
    mdeitz Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

    What issues are you having? Completely agreed though. Expensify has been losing it's appeal very quickly in my eyes due to technical issues as well as ease of use. For example, I cannot find a report that shows all expenses coming into the platform and all expenses that are going out. Either reports show some expenses and not others, or the report doesn't contain all the information needed. And Concierge says "well create a custom report" but doing that is not nearly as user friendly as it should be.

    I don't find Concierge helpful in the slightest and most times they just reiterate answers that are posted on here, but that don't solve the underlying issue.