how to remove a receipt from a report?/User Cant Upload from Mobile App

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We have a user who is having issues uploading receipts from mobile app when the expensify receipt is already there. We tested on a current report but attaching a receipt from the desktop and just grabbed a random image to upload, and then didn't save the transaction. Unfortunately it stayed even though we didn't save. Now we need to get that random image OFF and the expensify receipt back. Can we do that? How can you delete a receipt once it's been added incorrectly?

Also, when this user tries to upload a receipt from the mobile app, there is no plus sign to upload a new receipt if the expensify receipt is already there. See screenshot.

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    @MJNiM - If the expense is on a report in a submitted state (Processing, Approved, Reimbursed) the employee will be unable to retake the photo of the receipt. If this is the case, the report will need to be Unapproved or Rejected back to the employee who submitted it.

    If they are trying to retake the photo of an unsubmitted receipt and unable to do so, please let us know.


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