Need Help RE: why things are being marked reimbursable

MJNiMMJNiM Posts: 59Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

We have some issues with transactions being auto-checked as reimbursable by Expensify.

We have yet to figure out a pattern. For example, there may be 15 Uber transactions, all on the same card, same user, with nothing differing much, and suddenly one of those 15 will be marked Reimbursable. We may have several hotel charges with nothing remarkably different, and one will be marked Reimbursable.

At first I thought perhaps it was that the credit card account number wasn't recognized, but I have been watching this and it isn't the case. Then I thought it was based on a rule set by the user somehow (even though we only have one user who even understands or knows how to set a rule) But the uber proved that wrong, because if they are all uber, why would one have a rule applied to it but no other.

I can give specific examples of some that were just automatically marked as reimbursable by expensify. This is something we would like to see resolved before we accidentally miss one and reimburse a team member for something that was obviously charged on a company card.


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