Reimbursed Expensify Expenses sitting in QBO unpaid bills screen

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Hi everyone!

I have several Expensify Reports that were reimbursable, and they have been paid. All of those Expensify Reimbursements are now sitting in our QBO "Pay Bills" Screen as unpaid bills. Can you help me determine the why of this and how I can resolve it?

I was thinking I could go ahead and create bill payments from the bills and they would enter into the checking register (they were paid via checking account) and then I could try to match those to the payments already entered in the register, but those might already be reconciled, and I don't want this to happen all the time.
@Nicole Trepanier or @Sheena Trepanier maybe this is related to the problem we were having with reimbursements going to the wrong bank account? I am confused by this and need some help please. Thanks!


  • MJNiMMJNiM Posts: 59Expensify Customer Expensify Newcomer

    Well @Nicole Trepanier we were able to go into each vendor individually in QBO and match the payments to the bills. We aren't sure if this will continue to happen as we hope to resolve the part where the expensify reimbursements were going to the wrong checking account (the not current acct)

    We did configure and connect QBO to Expensify again today and turned off Auto-Sync, and then I verified w/J that the old checking account was named "1st MT Checking" If that helps you to determine why the reimbursements are downloading to the wrong account before we manually export those reports. Thanks so much. Keep me posted!

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