Multiple company debit cards not showing in Domain Control

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Hey team,

So I just linked our Bank Account so that I could assign debit cards out to our team to automatically capture non-reimbursable transactions but the dropdown (for the new BofA connector) is only showing the last 4 digits of the main checking account number. The 7 associated debit cards are not showing as options in the dropdown.

Any suggestions?

Also. . what is the benefit of doing this at the domain level vs. having each partner enter their own debit card in their expensify instance?


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    Hi @bashomosko,

    We do not support troubleshooting banking connection issues in the Community due to the sensitive and private nature of the information we request while doing so. Because of this, we ask that you reach out to [email protected] so we can troubleshoot your issue without putting your information at risk.

    The benefit at Domain level is that one admin has visibility over all card transactions. If they are in personal settings, the admin cannot 'see' them until the expenses are on reports associated with the policy. Using the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard in Domain Control, the admin can see all transactions no matter if they are Unreported, on a personal report, or even deleted!


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